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Universidad Obrera Nacional (UON)

The Universidad Obrera Nacional was created on August 19th, 1948 according to Act 13.229 as an advanced institution of technical teaching which depended on the Argentinean Commission of Professional Learning and Orientation (CNAOP). The University was intended for factory workers of the Argentinean flourishing industry who needed to develop simultaneously an activity related to the career they chose to start in order to be admitted. When they graduated, the students were granted the degree of Engineer of Factory.
In 1952, under Decree 3014, a new Regulation concerning organization and functioning of the university was passed, and on October 14, 1959, the University acquired the status of National University under Law 14.855 (Ley de Autonomía).


The beginnings of the Local School

The Local School (Facultad Regional Mendoza, FRM) started its activities depending on the Universidad Obrera Nacional, created under Act 13.229 passed on August 19, 1948. The regulation of the law was issued on October 7, 1952 and that date was set as the foundation date of the FRM (Rector’s Office Resolution on 23/01/53).
This Local School (Facultad Regional Mendoza) started its activities simultaneously with the Local School in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario and Santa Fe in May, 1953. It began with 69 students registered in two divisions in the first year with three specializations: Construction of Works, Mechanical Constructions and Electrical Installations. The number of students and professors increased gradually over the years.


Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

The UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLÓGICA NACIONAL, known as UTN, was created on October 14, 1959 under law 14.855 becoming part of the Argentinean University System. The University has the purpose of creating, preserving and conveying the technique and universal culture of technology, being the only National University which has engineering careers as the main objective in its academic structure.

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