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Secretariat of Science, Technology and Postgraduate


Secretary of Science, Technology and Postgraduate:

Location : Coronel Rodríguez 243 City - building next to the University Residence

Phone: +54 0261 - 5244515


Science and Technology is the area responsible for promoting the integration of scientific-technological-educational policy within the Faculty, projecting the results of its actions in response to the different issues in the region. It integrates R & D teams, groups and projects of the Faculty, giving priority to applied research and the technological development and innovation that is required.

        Thirty research projects are currently under way, where twenty are approved and accredited in the Incentive Program and ten evaluated by the Faculty. Eleven projects have been submitted to the Secretariat for approval.

        The Faculty has two hundred and forty-nine categorized researchers, of which hundreds are categorized within the Incentive Program of the National Ministry of Education and one hundred and forty-two in the UTN Researcher Career.




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