UTN - Facultad Regional Mendoza

The Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) started its activities in Buenos Aires in 1948 with the name of “Universidad Obrera” (Workers University). It was created with the purpose of training industrial workers as Engineers of Factories.

The Local School (Facultad Regional Mendoza),one of the 29 academic institutions of the UTN in Argentina, started its activities in 1953.  
Since then, more than 2900 engineers have been graduated in the five university courses from our institution and more than 5000 students hope to graduate not only in engineering but also in enology, business administration, mathematics, tourism and hotel management. These specialities diversify the academic offer, being our local school one of the most complete in offering engineering as well as other university courses. 
The main School campus is located in Mendoza and it has an outbuilding in Rivadavia, which is 60 km from Mendoza capital city. 
The School also has other sites where it carries out investigation and extension activities:

  • -Meteorological Observatory located in San Martín Park.
  • -IT Institute
  • -Department of Foreign Languages


Entrada Interna
The Local School

Our local School has a covered area of more than 26 thousand square meters, including:
  • -The Outbuilding located in Rivadavia, which offers undergraduate courses
  • -Investigation Site in the Meteorological Observatory located in San Martín Park
  • -Tests and Investigation Laboratories
  • -Auditorium for conferences, art exhibitions and others
  • -A building for science, technology and postgraduate studies
  • -Administration, management and TIC (Communication and IT) Area
  • -Training Center of Foreign Languages and Computer Science
  • -Building for investigation (Currently in planning stage)
  • -University accommodation
  • -Health Insurance Plan Site and doctor’s offices
  • -Art Area
  • -FM Radio Station
  • -University Café
  • -Parking Area
  • -Sports and recreation field




The FRM is located near the Civic Area of Mendoza City, at 273 Coronel Rodriguez Street, between Sobremonte and Lamadrid Streets.
The telephone to communicate with our school is +54 261 5244500

Organizational Hierarchy

  • -Advisory Council
  • -Dean
    • -Deputy Dean
    • -Academic Secretary Office
      • -Academic Deputy Secretary Office
      • -Administration Office
        • -Economics and Finance Area
        • -Human Resources Area
        • -Maintenance and General Services Area
        • -Science, Technology and postgraduates Studies Office
        • -University Extension Office
          • -Social Communication and Culture Area
          • -Graduate Studies Area
        • -Technological relationship Office
        • -Students Affairs Area
        • -Institutional Relations Office
        • -Communication and Information Technology Area
Mendoza University Campus

With a covered area of about 26 thousand square meters, our school has:
  • -Traditional Classrooms and classrooms with internet access, bibliography and audiovisual material
  • -Investigation and Tests Laboratories
  • -Libraries
  • -Conference Center
  • -Administration, management and TIC (Communication and IT) Area
  • -Building for science, technology and postgraduate studies
  • -FM Radio Station
  • -University Café
  • -Sports and recreation field
  • -Parking Area
  • -Health Insurance Plan Site and doctor’s office and dentist’s office
  • -University accommodation for students coming from distant places. One of the three buildings is constructed with an antiseismic system of isolated foundation which is unique in Argentina.

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