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UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS ANALYST (3-year University Degree)

SYSTEMS ENGINEER (5-year University Degree)



  •  A systems engineer participates in a company decision making process and advises on the possibility of progress regarding Information Systems

  • He also plans and evaluates studies and projects on Information Systems design, and is charge of the changes and replacement of the existing systems. The engineer is also aware of the Computer Systems (Hard) associated to such projects
  • A systems engineer plans, manages, carries out and monitors the requirements, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of Information Systems
  • A systems engineer also evaluates and selects the software systems to be used in Information Systems
  • A systems engineer is in charge of the organization and management of the Systems Area of institutions and decides on the necessary human resources profiles and assists in their recruiting and training
  • Other responsibilities of a systems engineer are to develop and evaluate the implementation of security standards and methods in order to protect the privacy of the information
  • He is also responsible for the development of Processes simulation models and Expert Systems

  • A systems engineer also performs audits of Information Systems and data processing means
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