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ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING                                                               bandera_argentina




ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN (4-year University Degree)

ELECTRONICS ENGINEER (11-semester University Degree)



  • An electronics engineer is trained to firmly plan, develop manage and test electronic systems

  • He is also qualified to organize the information from different disciplines, such as medicine, biology, etc. in order to jointly carry out a project; and takes the lead to coordinate technically and methodologically different working groups

  • He creates technology and solves unprecedented problems in the industry

  • An electronics engineer carries out the evaluation, project, management, maintenance and change of electronic systems or parts of electronic systems

  • He is also aware of the design, installation and startup of electronic equipment of radio, TV, telecommunications, process control and robotics

  • An electronics engineer carries out technical and economic studies and advises with regards to services and commercialization of electronic equipment

  • He is also in charge of the maintenance, inspection, supervision and modification in electronic laboratories

  • He makes arbitrations, expertises and valuations related to the electronic systems

  • He is also involved in Health and Industrial Safety concerning the areas mentioned before