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Descripción de empleo

Best candidate must have experience in Oil and Gas companies (costumers, Equipment, Engineer procurement contracts, etc.), He has to be able to take decisions and problem solving, be a leader for all the team in Mendoza, Knowledge in finance and sales.

*Position Description

Overview Scope of Responsibility:

· The General Manager has full responsibility for:

o Total P&L relating to margins, OTP for OE and parts.

o Total Headcount is approximately 500 employees

o Total Pumps Operations in Mendoza Plant.

o Direct reporting to GM: Administration, Engineering, Project Management, Quality, Cost estimating and all manufacturing areas with focus in Test, Assembly and Packing.

Principle Accountabilities:

· Provide leadership and direction to the business to ensure the annual business plan, including P&L and balance sheet objectives are met or exceeded.

· Ensure safety standards are maintained at the highest level possible:

1. Year over year improvement of Total Recordable Rate score with Zero Lost Time Accidents.

2. Ensure on time monthly completion of Pure Safety training for all employees with participation at 100%. Ensure 100% training within 30 days for new employees.

3. Successful Safety Health and Environmental Affairs audit that shows year over year improvement in all three categories, with no scores below 98%.

4. 12 monthly safety committee meetings; 50 documented weekly toolbox talks, 12 documented monthly inspections.

· Actively partner with leadership, thereby having a strong influence on the operations and strategy of the team.

· Partner with Regional and District Sales developing strong working relationships

· Develop and implement capital spending plans that meet the ongoing needs of the business for plant, equipment and productivity improvements.

· Attract, identify, develop and retain organization/department talent in an ongoing effort to support the talent management philosophy. This includes all facets of talent acquisition, performance management, succession planning, and employee learning and development.

· Drive a high performance culture by cascading objectives to all direct reports, ensuring all employees have SMART objectives and accountabilities recorded on Performance Management forms in advance of corporate deadlines. Set team goals by reviewing job performance expectations regularly and providing informal/formal feedback continuously.

· Continuously evaluate the business structure and staffing levels to ensure the business resources reflect current market conditions and demand for products and services. Establish contingency plans to enable effective and efficient deployment as necessary.

· Develop and implement process improvements, which continuously improve on-time delivery, reduce operating and product costs and reduce product lead times.

· Establish and maintain a control environment that meets or exceeds country and local laws and regulations, as well as meeting or exceeding the company’s ethical standards.

· Interface with customers, suppliers and internal teams to raise the bar in supply chain management by transforming the company’s SCM and delivery capabilities from a product-driven to a service-driven approach.

· Act as a catalyst to support change initiatives in concert with the senior management team.

*Position Requirements


  • A Bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in Mechanical Engineering or equal from an accredited university with an MBA preferred.
  • Minimum of ten years management experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably in industrial pump or rotating equipment.
  • Proven record of safety performance in a manufacturing plant.
  • Extensive product and process knowledge of rotating equipment.
  • Working level of market knowledge (chemical, water, power, oil & gas, general industrial).
  • $12+ million Sales + P&L experience needed.
  • Plant Management/Operations experience preferred.
  • Within a manufacturing environment, experience in supply chain, operations, purchasing, planning, materials management, customer service, inside sales (quotes), engineering, product management and field services.
  • High level of collaboration and interaction with outside sales force.
  • Demonstrated skills in managing and developing personnel. Strong leadership skills, leading people in a functional organization in a matrix environment.
  • Must have demonstrated leadership ability in a manufacturing environment and be able to delegate effectively in a team environment and to mentor and develop others.
  • Must be a self-motivated contributing team member.
  • Strong cost center management experience as part of their respective operational responsibilities and have a solid track record in providing positive results.
  • Have demonstrated experience in continuous improvement process (CIP) and tools and will be familiar with Lean Manufacturing practices.
  • High energy level and a strong work ethic, with the ability to instill these characteristics in others.
  • Sound understanding of quality management systems, ISO 9000
  • Good business experience and skills with a proven record achieving excellent results.
  • Strong business acumen and business management capability; has a keen understanding of the respective Flowserve business model and strategies.
  • Must be Proficient in English.
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office

Leadership and Management Behavioral Competencies:

· Capable of quickly establishing credibility, influencing constituencies and persuading professionals at all levels.

· Aligns individual performance goals and measures systematically, and consistently uses them to drive performance. Strong results orientation and a tireless work ethic with the emotional intelligence to know when to push harder and when to look for alternative approaches.

· Excellent analytical and strategic skills. Good business judgment and problem solving skills with solid economic, industry and competitive landscape insight.

· Builds organizations that effectively adapt and develop world-class practices from inside or outside the industry to create powerful competitive advantage.

· Establishes conditions systematically for high performance teamwork based on the requirements of the situation.

· A proven leader and developer of talent.

· An individual of strong values and the highest levels of integrity.

· Excellent relationship building skills.

· Demonstrated capability to lead change and transformation activities, thereby generating process improvements which lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

· Comfortable working with foreign business environments, values diversity and must have strong interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity.

· Demonstrated ability to operate in a hands-on environment when necessary, yet see the big picture on a global basis.

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