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Would you like to be part of a team focused on increasing adoption of Amazon Web Services by working with the largest & most prestigious companies in Latin America, Caribbean & Canada markets? Do you have the business background, technical depth, and communication skills needed to help further establish Amazon as a key technology platform provider for these region’s largest government, education & non-profit organizations?

AWS is looking for a senior programs manager who understands business trends impacting the public sector markets in Latin America, is passionate and capable of driving market development programs across the region for AWS, leveraging the richness of the AWS cloud computing platform to position and drive the right technology solutions to enable the ecosystem and the changing different industry needs.

In a programs role, your responsibilities will include partnering primarily with the Latin America Sales teams to define key market segments to target, driving the necessary business and technical programs to engage new relationships with customers and partners to establish new business in those markets, and enabling the sales team drive the day-to-day interactions with prospects in order to build long-term business opportunity. As the Programs Manager, you will have the exciting opportunity to help impact the new growth strategic strategy and shape the future of AWS within Latin America, Caribbean & Canada. Your responsibilities will include partnering with the Brazil and Latin America sales teams to map existing business in the region, define key market segments to target, execute new programs in the markets by identifying the most appropriate business and technical efforts for these new customers. Your responsibilities will include working closely with the General Manager of the business on to increase revenue, adoption and market penetration within the various customer segments including government, education and non-profit.

The ideal candidate will have both a public sector background experience that enables them to drive programs and interact at the government official levels with a solid track record of implementing programs with defined results.He/she should have a demonstrated ability to think strategically and analytically about business, product, and technical challenges, with the ability to build and convey compelling value propositions, and work cross-organizationally to build consensus. A keen sense of ownership, drive, and scrappiness is a must. This position to be based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Work with Latin America, Caribbean & Canada teams to drive revenue and market share via defined programs
  • Engages with all vertical types of customers (government, education & non-profit entities)
  • Exhibits proactive ability and is very astute in setting customer discussions via AWS sales and partner teams
  • Comfortable managing the sales cycle of an opportunity and will partner with various teams to (Account Executive, Marketing, PR, Legal, Policy, Solutions Architect, etc) to develop, propose and advance new business.
  • Engages in mid-level customer meetings to discuss customer’s business issues and explores how new Cloud services can help address and resolve these issues.
  • Establish ways to measure and track metrics related to adoption of the service, and to make improvements to the approach based on those measurements.
  • Prepare and give business reviews to the management team regarding progress and metrics.
  • Educate and enable the teams and increase visibility of support across all AWS markets.
  • Manage complex contract negotiations and liaison with the legal group.
  • Handle a high volume of engagements and the fast pace of the cloud computing market.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Travel 30%

Basic Qualifications

  • 7 – 10 years of program related or business development experience
  • A background encompassing engineering, computer science/MIS or equivalent sales/business development work experience required managing a pipeline/focused programmatic results
  • Practical experience working with education, non-profit and/or government segments
  • Fluent in English & Spanish
  • Understanding of cloud technologies

Preferred Qualifications

  • Fluent in English and Portuguese and Spanish
  • Deep experience working with government elites, appointed ministers or U.S. Embassy staff
  • Understanding of cloud technologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner to executives and non-technical leaders

Company - Amazon Web Services Argentina
Job ID: A775199

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