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Do you want to work in one of the world's leading tech company that, among others, creates and defines the state of the art in adaptive security and systems communications efficiency for enterprises? If so, we'd like to hear from you.

Intel's business around security keeps steadily growing after the incorporation of McAfee as wholly owned Intel subsidiary. As technology becomes deeply integrated in our daily life, security needs to be built-in by design, seamlessly integrated into every device at every layer of the compute stack, protecting valuable intellectual property, data, devices and identities. This is why we're taking a "security connected" approach across every architecture of every platform from chip to cloud - smartphones and tablets to PCs, servers, and beyond. We're moving security from discrete solutions to an integrated approach as pervasive as computing itself.

Intel can pride itself on having one of the most talented and vibrant workforces on Earth because we focus continually on connecting our talent and empowering careers. Everyone is unique and one's own passion and drive will determine what career path one will pursue. The best part is you do not have to do it alone; we have many tools and resources to help you through your journey of personal discovery.

We have real revenue and real products (*), all integrated into a unique enterprise security suite. We work incrementally, shipping early and often for real customers, contributing to generate substantial revenue. We're building a world class organization and need you to help us build it the right way.

You will work as part of an international team of writers to create, develop, plan, write, and edit operational, instructional, maintenance or test procedures for electronic and web-based publications. The position is in our Cordoba (Argentina) office, but you will collaborate regularly with writers as well as translators, developers, project managers, and other specialist both in Argentina, US and Ireland. You will produce documentation using DITA 1.1, XMetaL, and a content management system while conforming to the company documentation and quality assurance standards. Content is technical by nature, supporting IT Administrators of industry-leading security products.
You must be a self-motivating and self-managing writer who can learn complex technologies quickly and manage the entire process of writing top-quality documentation from start to finish. You will work with product teams of developers, QA, support techs, and project and product managers to define documentation requirements, gather technical content, produce drafts for review and milestone releases, coordinate documentation translation, and produce a final release. You are expected to seek improvements and contribute to improving team process and tools.
Regular deliverables include PDF installation and user guides, online Help, release notes, white papers, configuration guides, and other documents as needed.


- BA/BS degree or equivalent experience
- High Proficiency in English language. International certifications desired. If TOELF, 580(paper) / 85 (iBT) is required
- Minimum of 4+ years of technical writing experience, preferably in the security sector writing user documentation
- Excellent planning, research and writing skills
- Time management skills
- Documentation authoring skills
- Structured authoring skills
- Ability to handle multiple writing projects
- Solid knowledge of single-source documentation projects
Good to have:
- Experience working with localization specialists
- Experience authoring in XML
- Experience with a content management system
- Experience working with remote teams
- Ability to innovate, seek process improvements, and come up with solutions

(*) For more info about our products in production, check out SIEM, TIE, DXL and Family Protection @ (a subsidiary of Intel Corporation)

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